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Here's a list of all of the movies my boyfriend and I have seen since we started dating Feburary 4th 2003.  (All in the theatre.  If both of us were present, the movie is listed; whether or not others were there.)

Two Weeks Notice                           02/04/03
Adaptation                                        03/01/03
Bringing Down The House                 03/11/03
Hunted                                              03/15/03
Anger Management                           04/21/03
Old School                                        04/23/03
X-Men 2                                           05/02/03
View from the Top                             05/02/03
The Matrix: Reloaded                         05/20/03
Bruce Almighty                                   06/26/03
Finding Nemo                                     07/08/03
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen     07/08/03
Tomb Raider The Cradle of Life          08/04/03
Bad Boys 2                                         08/09/03
28 Days Later                                     08/09/03
Freaky Friday                                      08/10/03
Kill Bill                                                10/22/03
Beyond Borders                                  10/15/03
Scary Movie 3                                    10/27/02
Texas Chainsaw Massacre                  10/27/03

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