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Things I hate.
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Things I hate.
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This is my list of hate, please enjoy.  I don't.
Things in bold bring out excruciating pain.

Radio Personality - Howard Stern
Band - "Sum 41"
Band - "Good Charlotte"
Late Night Talk Show Host - Conan O'brien
War Protestors
Band - "Papa Roach"
Band - "P.O.D."
Band - "Creed"
Band - "Puddle of Mudd"
Pompous Pricks
"Singer" - "Nelly"
Singer - "Nelly Furtado"
Brainwashed Religious Freaks who insist on pushing their shit on you.
Politicians who blame violence on music.
Politicians who blame voilence on video games.
Pop-up ads (Funny, my site has these.)
Talkshow Host - Dr. Phil
Radio "Personality" - Dr. Laura
Facial Hair
Bad Drivers (Yes, I'm a hypocrite.)
"Comedian" - Dave Attel
"Comedian" - Carrot Top
Late Night Talk Show Host - David Letterman
Band - Trapt
All Radio DJs